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Step in Electronics Practicals Image

Step in Electronics Practicals

Apr 15 2017  The field of electronics is very diverse, and career opportunities are available in many areas. Because electronics is currently found in so many different applications and new technology is being developed at a fast rate, its feature appears limitless. There is hardly an area of our lives that is not enhanced to some degree by electronics technology. The study of electronics is one of the basic steps in gaining an understanding of all modern technology and science also; our everyday life depends a lot on the electronic. So this book of step in electronics practicals provides a comprehensive a...

Engineering Innovative Products Image

Engineering Innovative Products

Apr 07 2017  The book provides vital insights into commercial development for engineering students in a highly practical and applied manner. Over the past 3 years, application of the books material has allowed the students to develop their commercial literacy and ambition in the University. Steve Orr, Director, Northern Ireland Science Park CONNECT program which looks to accelerate the growth of knowledgebased companies in Northern Ireland Engineering Innovative Products: A Practical Experience is a pioneering book that will be of key use to senior undergraduate and graduate engineering students who are...

Practical Mobile Forensics Image

Practical Mobile Forensics

Mar 25 2017  The book is an easy-to-follow guide with clear instructions on various mobile forensic techniques. The chapters and the topics within are structured for a smooth learning curve, which will swiftly empower you to master mobile forensics. If you are a budding forensic analyst, consultant, engineer, or a forensic professional wanting to expand your skillset, this is the book for you. The book will also be beneficial to those with an interest in mobile forensics or wanting to find data lost on mobile devices. It will be helpful to be familiar with forensics in general but no prior experience is re...