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Mathematical Objects in C++ Image

Mathematical Objects in C++

Apr 27 2017  Emphasizing the connection between mathematical objects and their practical C++ implementation, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to both the theory behind the objects and the C and C++ programming. Object-oriented implementation of three-dimensional meshes facilitates understanding of their mathematical nature. Requiring no prerequisites, the text covers discrete mathematics, data structures, and computational physics, including high-order discretization of nonlinear equations. Exercises and solutions make the book suitable for classroom use and a supporting website supplies dow...

Mastering JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming Image

Mastering JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming

Apr 15 2017  Unleash the true power of JavaScript by mastering Object-Oriented programming principles and patterns About This Book * Covering all the new Object-Oriented features introduced in ES6, this book shows you how to build large-scale web apps * Build apps that promote scalability, maintainability, and reusability * Learn popular Object-Oriented programming (OOP) principles and design patterns to build robust apps * Implement Object-Oriented concepts in a wide range of front-end architectures Who This Book Is For This book is ideal for you if you are a JavaScript developers who wants to gain ex...