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Mastering Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin Image

Mastering Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin

Jun 08 2017  Master the skills required to steer cross-platform applications from drawing board to app store(s) using Xamarin About This Book * Develop your Xamarin development skills with this comprehensive guide on various patterns and features so you can create elegant and high-quality applications * Create adaptive user interfaces on separate platforms without compromising the user experience and platform identity * Implement application lifecycle management concepts to manage and finalize cross-platform projects and efficiently collaborate with others Who This Book Is For This book is ideal for th...

Mastering RabbitMQ Image

Mastering RabbitMQ

Jun 05 2017  Master the art of developing message-based applications with RabbitMQ About This Book * Learn how to administer, manage, and extend your own message broker, RabbitMQ * Develop clients to make a message bridge between your software systems using RabbitMQ * Discover how to achieve proficiency with RabbitMQ with the well-defined descriptions of the topics Who This Book Is For If you are an intermediate-level RabbitMQ developer, who wants to achieve professional-level expertise in the subject, this book is for you. You'll also need to have a decent understanding of message queuing. What You Wi...

Mastering Software Quality Assurance Image

Mastering Software Quality Assurance

Jun 04 2017  This comprehensive reference on software development quality assurance addresses all four dimensions of quality: specifications, design, construction and conformance. It focuses on quality from both the micro and macro viewpoint. From a micro view, it details the aspect of building-in quality at the component level to help ensure that the overall deliverable has ingrained quality. From a macro view, it addresses the organizational-level activities that provide an environment conducive to fostering quality in the deliverables as well as developing a culture focused on quality in the organizatio...

Mastering PyCharm Image

Mastering PyCharm

Jun 02 2017  Use PyCharm with fluid efficiency to write idiomatic python code About This Book * Understand how PyCharm works and how you can leverage its strength to develop applications quickly * Master PyCharm's editor to get a fast workflow * Full of examples and illustrations that focus on the practical aspects of using PyCharm Who This Book Is For If you know PyCharm but want to understand it better and leverage its more powerful but less obvious tool set, this is the book for you. Serving as a launch pad for those who want to master PyCharm and completely harness its best features, it would be he...

Mastering Zendesk Image

Mastering Zendesk

May 21 2017  Master the art of providing effective IT services to your customers by leveraging Zendesk About This Book * Deep dive into the functionalities of Zendesk and improve your organization's customer services * Learn how to expand the capabilities of Zendesk by integrating and extending it with third-party tools * A master level guide that manages tickets, channels, and workflows along with advanced security features Who This Book Is For This book is for proficient Zendesk administrators who want to unlock the full potential of their Zendesk environment by gaining a deeper understanding of Zen...