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Learning to Succeed Image

Learning to Succeed

Jun 02 2017  Frequent market shifts...The rapid pace of technological change...We're all familiar with the old saying, the only constant is change, but this has never been as true for business as it is today--nor have the penalties for companies who fail to learn and adapt been as high. Learning to Succeed insists that an integrated model for corporate education--one that links development programs with strategic goals--is critical to building agile and resilient learning organizations that will survive in our fast-evolving business landscape. Companies need to continually assess where they need to...

Learning OpenCV 3 Application Development Image

Learning OpenCV 3 Application Development

May 28 2017  Build, create, and deploy your own computer vision applications with the power of OpenCV About This Book * This book provides hands-on examples that cover the major features that are part of any important Computer Vision application * It explores important algorithms that allow you to recognize faces, identify objects, extract features from images, help your system make meaningful predictions from visual data, and much more * All the code examples in the book are based on OpenCV 3.1 - the latest version Who This Book Is For This is the perfect book for anyone who wants to dive into the exc...

Learning Apex Programming Image

Learning Apex Programming

May 28 2017  If you are a developer who has some object-oriented programming experience, Learning Apex Programming is the perfect book for you. This book is most appropriate for developers who wish to gain an understanding of the platform and how to use Apex to create business applications....

Learning VMware App Volumes Image

Learning VMware App Volumes

May 28 2017  Deliver applications to virtual desktop environments in seconds and at scale with the click of a button About This Book * Learn how can you deliver a great user experience and drive down storage and management costs * Discover hidden gems to deliver applications to virtual desktop environments in seconds * This book will help you fully utilize the true potential of VMware App Volumes and design and build a complete production environment Who This Book Is For This book is for administrators and IT teams who would like to take full advantage of App Volumes to deal with application workloads....

Learning PHP Image

Learning PHP

May 21 2017  If you've wanted to try your hand at PHP but haven't known where to start, then Learning PHP 7 is the book you need. With attention to both PHP 5.x and the new PHP version 7, it provides everything from an explanation of how PHP works with your web server and web browser to the ins and outs of working with databases and HTML forms. It's also packed with new material to reflect more modern features of PHP, and exciting enhancements with recent releases and the upcoming PHP 7.Written by the co-author of the popular PHP Cookbook, this book is for intelligent (but not necessarily highly-technical)...