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Getting Started with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Image

Getting Started with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Jun 04 2017  If you are a system administrator who is interested in implementing and managing open source virtualization infrastructures, this is the book for you. A basic knowledge of virtualization and basic Linux command line experience is needed....

Getting Started with ResearchKit Image

Getting Started with ResearchKit

May 05 2017  Enter the era of medical research using mobile devices with the help of this guide on ResearchKit! About This Book * Create a simple clinical research app using most aspects of ResearchKit * Build a simple survey with various data types with the results printed on the screen. * A step-by-step guide introducing Apple's ResearchKit and techniques to incorporate it into various apps. Who This Book Is For This book is aimed at medical researchers with basic iOS coding knowledge and iOS developers looking to create clinical research apps. What You Will Learn * Learn to create customized consen...

Getting Started with NativeScript Image

Getting Started with NativeScript

Apr 13 2017  Explore the possibility of building truly native, cross-platform mobile applications using your JavaScript skill-NativeScript! About This Book * Save your marketing time by building for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile platforms simultaneously * Be an ace at utilizing the features of NativeScript and its ability to communicate with each of the host device libraries natively * Proficiently, build your fully cross-platform communication application exhibiting the fundamentals of NativeScript Who This Book Is For If you are a JavaScript developer and want to build cross-platform applications,...