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jQuery Design Patterns Image

jQuery Design Patterns

Apr 17 2017  Learn the best practices on writing efficient jQuery applications to maximize performance in large-scale deployments About This Book * Learn about the observer pattern and the deferred observer pattern, two of the most popular design patterns that handle custom events * Advance your jQuery skills by learning about patterns such as divide and conquer, facade, and builder and factory to handle complex results * This step-by-step guide to applying micro-patterns and optimizing jQuery applications will help you get the best performance in a production environment Who This Book Is For This book...

TypeScript Design Patterns Image

TypeScript Design Patterns

Apr 17 2017  Boost your development efficiency by learning about design patterns in TypeScript About This Book * This step-by-step guide will would demonstrate all the important design patterns in practice * This book is the only documentation on the market focusing on design patterns in TypeScript * This book is packed with rich examples that will improve your efficiency and encourage code reuse Who This Book Is For If you are a TypeScript developer, this book is for you. No knowledge of design patterns is required to read this book. What You Will Learn * Understand the challenges and implications of ...

Scala Design Patterns Image

Scala Design Patterns

Apr 09 2017  Write efficient, clean, and reusable code with Scala About This Book * Unleash the power of Scala and apply it in the real world * Increase your efficiency by leveraging the power of Creational, Structural, Behavioural, and Functional design patterns * Build object oriented and functional applications quickly and effectively Who This Book Is For If you want to increase your understanding of Scala and apply it to real-life application development, then this book is for you. We've also designed the book to be used as a quick reference guide while creating applications. Previous Scala program...

Professional PHP Design Patterns Image

Professional PHP Design Patterns

Apr 05 2017  This guide helps PHP developers take advantage of the stability and features of design patterns Design patterns are the cornerstones of building solid, stable, flexible, and featurerich Web applications. This guide enables PHP developers to take advantage of everything they offer. If you are unfamiliar with design patterns, this book explains what you need to know. Both novice and veteran PHP developers will benefit from the alphabetical list of design patterns and code examples showing how to implement each pattern in PHP. Stepbystep instructions for a sample contact management system will ...