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Beginning Angular 2 With Typescript Image

Beginning Angular 2 With Typescript

May 26 2017  Angular 2 is one of the leading frameworks to develop apps across all platforms. Reuse your code and build fast and high performing apps for any platform be it web, mobile web, native mobile and native desktop. You use small manageable components to build a large powerful app. No more wasting time hunting for DOM nodes! In this book, we take you on a fun, hands-on and pragmatic journey to master Angular 2 from a web development point of view. You'll start building Angular 2 apps within minutes. Every section is written in a bite-sized manner and straight to the point as I don't want to waste y...

Beginning Mobile Application Development in the Cloud Image

Beginning Mobile Application Development in the Cloud

May 17 2017  Learn how to build apps for mobile devices on Cloud platforms The marketplace for apps is ever expanding, increasing the potential to make money. With this guide, youll learn how to build crossplatform applications for mobile devices that are supported by the power of Cloudbased services such as Amazon Web Services. An introduction to Cloudbased applications explains how to use HTML5 to create crossplatform mobile apps and then use Cloud services to enhance those apps. Youll learn how to build your first app with HTML5 and set it up in the Cloud, while also discovering how to use jQuery to yo...