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Photoshop Tricks for Designers Image

Photoshop Tricks for Designers

May 21 2017  Perhaps you are working on a new project and need alittle inspiration , or even a quick reference to show youhow to do that one cool effect that will be the finishingtouch on your latest creation. Whatever you need, thisbook can help you in so many ways. One of the toughestthings about being a designer is getting a good idea. Thenext challenge is realizing that idea. This book will notonly be a source of ideas , but will also show you how tocreate them step by step. You can even combine multipleeffects to create other cool resultsthe book';s cover wasdesigned by combining at least half a dozen...

Web Animation using JavaScript Image

Web Animation using JavaScript

Mar 23 2017  We';ve come a long way since the days of flashing banner ads and scrolling news tickers. Today, the stunning motion design of iOS and Android dramatically improves a user';s experience - instead of detracting from it. The best sites and apps of today leverage animation to improve the feel and intuitiveness of their interfaces. Sites without animation are starting to feel antiquated.This book provides you with a technical foundation to implement animation in a way that';s both visually stunning and programmatically maintainable. Throughout, we consider the balance between enriching a page with ...