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Mobile Device Exploitation Cookbook Image

Mobile Device Exploitation Cookbook

Jun 12 2017  Over 40 recipes to master mobile device penetration testing with open source tools About This Book * Learn application exploitation for popular mobile platforms * Improve the current security level for mobile platforms and applications * Discover tricks of the trade with the help of code snippets and screenshots Who This Book Is For This book is intended for mobile security enthusiasts and penetration testers who wish to secure mobile devices to prevent attacks and discover vulnerabilities to protect devices. What You Will Learn * Install and configure Android SDK and ADB * Analyze Androi...

ReactJS by Example Image

ReactJS by Example

Jun 08 2017  Get up and running with ReactJS by developing five cutting-edge and responsive projects About This Book* Create pragmatic real-world applications while learning React and its modern developer tools* Build sustainable user interfaces by transforming data into components of UI* Learn how to generate reusable ReactJS components effectivelyWho This Book Is For If you are a web developer and wish to learn ReactJS from scratch, then this book is tailor-made for you. Good understanding of Javascript, HTML, and CSS is expected What You Will Learn* Create, reuse, and compose React components using JSX*...

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Image

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Jun 08 2017  The book is intended for those who want to learn how to use Azure Machine Learning. Perhaps you already know a bit about Machine Learning, but have never used ML Studio in Azure; or perhaps you are an absolute newbie. In either case, this book will get you up-and-running quickly....

R Data Structures and Algorithms Image

R Data Structures and Algorithms

Jun 08 2017  Increase speed and performance of your applications with efficient data structures and algorithms About This Book * See how to use data structures such as arrays, stacks, trees, lists, and graphs through real-world examples * Find out about important and advanced data structures such as searching and sorting algorithms * Understand important concepts such as big-o notation, dynamic programming, and functional data structured Who This Book Is For This book is for R developers who want to use data structures efficiently. Basic knowledge of R is expected. What You Will Learn * Understand the...

Mastering Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin Image

Mastering Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin

Jun 08 2017  Master the skills required to steer cross-platform applications from drawing board to app store(s) using Xamarin About This Book * Develop your Xamarin development skills with this comprehensive guide on various patterns and features so you can create elegant and high-quality applications * Create adaptive user interfaces on separate platforms without compromising the user experience and platform identity * Implement application lifecycle management concepts to manage and finalize cross-platform projects and efficiently collaborate with others Who This Book Is For This book is ideal for th...