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Essential Cybersecurity Science Image

Essential Cybersecurity Science

Jun 05 2017  Applying the scientific method to security is about using techniques to carefully observe, measure, experiment, form explanations, test, and evaluate security processes in software and products. This practical book shows how incorporating these techniques will provide developers with the knowledge to produce more secure, more useful, and more valuable products and services. You'll learn how to:Apply the scientific method to evaluate projects in digital forensics, software assurance, and intrusion detectionDevelop your own security methods using this process to build and sell more secure produc...

Movement, Light and Sound with Arduino and Raspberry Pi Image

Movement, Light and Sound with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Jun 04 2017  Make: Action is your gateway into the world of actuators and transducers: the counterparts to sensors. Just as sensors let you monitor the real world, these devices let you do things in, with, and to things in the physical world. You'll learn how to display things with LEDs and displays, move things around with motors and pumps, and create sound and vibration. Sensors let you know what's going on in the world; with Make: Action, your projects and creations will shape the world around them!...

Mining the Social Web Image

Mining the Social Web

Jun 02 2017  Want to tap the tremendous amount of valuable social data in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+? This refreshed edition helps you discover who';s making connections with social media, what they';re talking about, and where they';re located. You';ll learn how to combine social web data, analysis techniques, and visualization to find what you';ve been looking for in the social haystack-as well as useful information you didn';t know existed.Each standalone chapter introduces techniques for mining data in different areas of the social Web, including blogs and email. All you need to get start...

XenServer Administration Handbook Image

XenServer Administration Handbook

Jun 02 2017  Packed with practical advice, this hands-on guide provides valuable information you need to most effectively optimize and manage the XenServer open source virtualization platform. Whether you run a modest installation of a few blades or multiple global enterprise datacenters, this book focuses on the most critical issues you're likely to encounter when designing a XenServer deployment and helps you handle day-to-day management tasks. Tim Mackey and J.K. Benedict from Citrix Systems, the company that manages XenServer, show you how to design a deployment through best practices, deployment bluep...

Google Compute Engine Image

Google Compute Engine

May 28 2017  Learn how to run large-scale, data-intensive workloads with Compute Engine, Google';s cloud platform. Written by Google engineers, this tutorial walks you through the details of this Infrastructure as a Service by showing you how to develop a project with it from beginning to end. You';ll learn best practices for using Compute Engine, with a focus on solving practical problems.With programming examples written in Python and JavaScript, you';ll also learn how to use Compute Engine with Docker containers and other platforms, frameworks, tools, and services. Discover how this IaaS helps you gain ...