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SPA Design and Architecture Image

SPA Design and Architecture

Jun 07 2017  Single page web applications (SPAs) are the next step in the development of web-based software, delivering the sleekness and fluidity of a native desktop application in a browser. SPA development requires knowledge of new development concepts and the mastery of new technologies that support these more complex applications. Fortunately, learning how to build SPAs doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience! SPA Design and Architecture: Understanding Single Page Web Applications helps developers take the leap from traditional web applications to SPAs. It starts with an introduction to the SPA ...

Real-World Functional Programming Image

Real-World Functional Programming

Jun 04 2017  Functional programming languages like F#, Erlang, and Scala are attracting attention as an efficient way to handle the new requirements for programming multi-processor and high-availability applications. Microsoft's new F# is a true functional language and C# uses functional language features for LINQ and other recent advances. Real-World Functional Programming is a unique tutorial that explores the functional programming model through the F# and C# languages. The clearly presented ideas and examples teach readers how functional programming differs from other approaches. It explains how ideas ...

Git in Practice Image

Git in Practice

May 11 2017  SummaryGit in Practice is a collection of 66 tested techniques that will optimize the way you and your team manage your development projects. The book begins with a brief reminder of the core version control concepts you need when using Git and moves on to the high-value features you may not have explored yet. Then, you'll dig into cookbook-style techniques like history visualization, advanced branching and rewriting history each presented in a problem-solution-discussion format. Finally you'll work out how to use Git to its full potential through configuration, team workflows, submodules and ...

Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners Image

Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners

Apr 30 2017  This is the age of computers and having a knowledge of computer programming can be helpful during such a time. Be it for writing games or for conducting business, learning to program can be an important asset to have. and to help readers, particularly children and beginners with programming, Warren Sande and Carter Sande have written the book, Hello World!: Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners.This book essentially teachers readers to talk to computers in their own language. Written in a style that can make sense of programming to even a 12 - year old, this book is clear, concise ...

OpenCL in Action Image

OpenCL in Action

Apr 25 2017  Summary OpenCL in Action is a thorough, hands-on presentation of OpenCL, with an eye toward showing developers how to build high-performance applications of their own. It begins by presenting the core concepts behind OpenCL, including vector computing, parallel programming, and multi-threaded operations, and then guides you step-by-step from simple data structures to complex functions. About the Technology Whatever system you have, it probably has more raw processing power than you're using. OpenCL is a high-performance programming language that maximizes computational power by executing on CP...