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Express.js Guide Image

Express.js Guide

Jun 02 2017  The in-depth, detailed, hand-on manual on Express.js, the most popular Node.js framework. Will get you up and running fast and save you time. Understand the concepts, learn the best practices. Become an Express.js expert today. More packages and information: Table of Contents:

Quick Javascript Interview Questions Image

Quick Javascript Interview Questions

May 28 2017  This book is all about key concepts in javascript.This book has a collection of frequently asked question in a javascript interview.It covers sufficient amount of coded examples to understand the concepts of javascript.It will take you through all important questions quickly....

Beginning Angular 2 With Typescript Image

Beginning Angular 2 With Typescript

May 26 2017  Angular 2 is one of the leading frameworks to develop apps across all platforms. Reuse your code and build fast and high performing apps for any platform be it web, mobile web, native mobile and native desktop. You use small manageable components to build a large powerful app. No more wasting time hunting for DOM nodes! In this book, we take you on a fun, hands-on and pragmatic journey to master Angular 2 from a web development point of view. You'll start building Angular 2 apps within minutes. Every section is written in a bite-sized manner and straight to the point as I don't want to waste y...

C Programming Image

C Programming

May 21 2017  Essential C Skills-Made Easy-Without Fear! This C Programming book gives a good start and complete introduction for C Programming for Beginner's. Learn the all basics and advanced features of C programming in no time from Bestselling Programming Author Harry. H. Chaudhary. This Book, starts with the basics; I promise this book will make you 100% expert level champion of C Programming. This book contains 1000+ Live C Program's code examples, and 500+ Lab Exercise 200+ Brain Wash Topic-wise Code book and 20+ Live software Development Project's. All what you need ! Isn't it ? Write powerful C pr...

Python 3 MCQ Image

Python 3 MCQ

May 13 2017  Multiple Choice Questions for Python 3 - 600 Plus MCQ's for Python Jobs, Tests Quizzes If you are learning Python programming on your own (whether you are learning from Python books, videos or online tutorials and lesson plans) this book is for you. These questions and answers can be used to test your knowledge of Python3. If you already know Python, you can still use it to check how many questions you can attempt on your own without any help. You may want to go through these questions before you appear for a job interview. If you are a teacher or tutor who is teaching Python, you'll find the...