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Pro Oracle Database 11g Administration Image

Pro Oracle Database 11g Administration

Jun 04 2017  Pro Oracle Database 11g Administration is a book focused on results. Author Darl Kuhn draws from a well of experience over a decade deep to lay out real-world techniques that lead to success as an Oracle Database administrator. He gives clear explanations on how to perform critical tasks. He weaves in theory where necessary without bogging you down in unneeded detail. He is not afraid to take a stand on how things should be done. He wont leave you adrift in a sea of choices, showing you three ways to do something and then walking away. Database administration isnt about passing a certified exa...

Introducing Regular Expressions Image

Introducing Regular Expressions

Jun 02 2017  This book is your easy-to-digest and concise guide to regular expressions in JavaScript, this book teaches you the very basics and can be used in the browser or on the server. Explore and understand how to use regular expressions in all JavaScript environments.Presented in four key concept sections, Introducing Regular Expressionsshows how to create and use regular expressions to accelerate your JavaScript development.What You'll LearnWhat regular expressions are and why you should use themUse useful expressions (including examples)Reference features and functionsUse regular expressions in all...

Pro Grunt.js Image

Pro Grunt.js

Jun 01 2017  Pro Grunt.js gets you quickly up-to-speed with this popular JavaScript-based task runner. Author James Cryer takes you from initial installation all the way through to authoring successful plugins.Using hands-on examples you will learn about CSS linting, combination, compilation and minification; JavaScript linting, AMD modules, and templates; image processing and optimizing; and creating a local server. You will then move on to more advanced topics such as LiveReload, Test Automation, Modular configuration, and combining tasks. Finally you will see how to scaffold plugins using Grunt init and...

PHP Persistence Image

PHP Persistence

May 13 2017  Take the pain out of dealing with relational databases in an object-oriented programming world. With this short book, you can save time and money by simply coding less while accomplishing more with the Doctrine persistence framework, a leading persistence solution for PHP programmers and web developers. PHP Persistence teaches you about PHP persistence and how to use it effectively for your database-driven applications.Bestselling author Michael Romer leverages his own vast experience to show you what you need to know about Doctrine 2 and how to use it in your own projects. Along the way youll...

Stack Frames Image

Stack Frames

May 10 2017  Teaches you exactly how program memory content and organization is vital for computer security, especially Unix-like operating systems. You will learn how it is manipulated to take control of a computer system, as well as the countermeasures that system designers set up to avoid this. Neither a guide for hackers nor an all-out theory book, this book is ideal for anyone studying computer security who wants to learn by doing. Using a practical approach, you will understand how stack frames relate to hardware and software theory and the various GNU/Linux distributions, before moving on to Base 2,...