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CentOS 7 Server Deployment Cookbook Image

CentOS 7 Server Deployment Cookbook

Jun 13 2017  Deploy and manage today's essential services on an enterprise-class, open operating system About This Book * Configure and manage Linux servers in varying scenarios and for a range of business requirements * Explore the up-to-date features of CentOS using real-world scenarios * See practical and extensive recipes to deploy and manage CentOS Who This Book Is For This book is for Linux professionals with basic Unix/Linux functionality experience, perhaps even having set up a server before, who want to advance their knowledge in administering various services. What You Will Learn * See how t...

Creating Web Animations Image

Creating Web Animations

Jun 13 2017  Thanks to faster browsers, better web standards support, and more powerful devices, the web now defines the next generation of user interfaces that are fun, practical, fluid, and memorable. The key? Animation. But learning how to create animations is hard, and existing learning material doesn't explain the context of the UI problem that animations are trying to solve. That's where this book comes in. You'll gain a solid technical understanding of how to create awesome animations using CSS and learn how to implement common UI patterns, using practical examples that rely on animations to solve a...

Enduring CSS Image

Enduring CSS

Jun 13 2017  Learn to really THINK about CSS, and how to create CSS that endures continual iteration, multiple authors, and yet always produces predictable results About This Book * Address the problems of CSS at scale, avoiding the shortfalls of scaling CSS. * The shortfalls of conventional approaches to scaling CSS. * Develop consistent and enforceable selector naming conventions with ECSS. * Learn how to organize project structure to more easily isolate and decouple visual components. Who This Book Is For This is a book for working CSS authors involved in large projects. This is a book that tackles ...

Learning Docker Networking Image

Learning Docker Networking

Jun 13 2017  Become a proficient Linux administrator by learning the art of container networking with elevated efficiency using Docker About This Book * Set up, configure, and monitor a virtual network of containers using a bridge network and virtual switches * Master the skill of networking Docker Containers using frameworks such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and Mesosphere * Acquire hands-on experience through practical examples of Docker networking spanning multiple containers, over multiple hosts, clubbed with various frameworks Who This Book Is For If you are a Linux administrator who wants to learn...

Noether's Theorems Image

Noether's Theorems

Jun 13 2017  The book provides a detailed exposition of the calculus of variations on fibre bundles and graded manifolds. It presents applications in such area's as non-relativistic mechanics, gauge theory, gravitation theory and topological field theory with emphasis on energy and energy-momentum conservation laws. Within this general context the first and second Noether theorems are treated in the very general setting of reducible degenerate graded Lagrangian theory....