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Extending Docker

Extending Docker Image

Book details:

Publisher:Packt Publishing
Category: Packt
Posted:Apr 23 2017
Book format:PDF
Book size:10.53 MB

Book Description:

Master the art of making Docker more extensible, composable, and modular by leveraging plugins and other supporting tools About This Book * Get the first book on the market that shows you how to extend the capabilities of Docker using plugins and third-party tools * Master the skills of creating various plugins and integrating great tools in order to enhance the functionalities of Docker * A practical and learning guide that ensures your investment in Docker becomes more valuable Who This Book Is For This book is for developers and sys admins who are well versed Docker and have knowledge on basic programming languages. If you can't wait to extend Docker and customize it to meet your requirements, this is the book for you! What You Will Learn * Find out about Docker plugins and the problems they solve * Gain insights into creating your own plugin * Use Docker tools to extend the basic functionality of the core Docker engine * Get to grips with the installation and configuration of third-party tools available to use with Docker plugins * Install, configure, and use a scheduling service to manage the containers in your environment * Enhance your day-to-day Docker usage through security, troubleshooting, and best practices In Detail With Docker, it is possible to get a lot of apps running on the same old servers, making it very easy to package and ship programs. The ability to extend Docker using plugins and load third-party plugins is incredible, and organizations can massively benefit from it. In this book, you will read about what first and third party tools are available to extend the functionality of your existing Docker installation and how to approach your next Docker infrastructure deployment. We will show you how to work with Docker plugins, install it, and cover its lifecycle. We also cover network and volume plugins, and you will find out how to build your own plugin. You'll discover how to integrate it with Puppet, Ansible, Jenkins, Flocker, Rancher, Packer, and more with third-party plugins. Then, you'll see how to use Schedulers such as Kubernetes and Amazon ECS. Finally, we'll delve into security, troubleshooting, and best practices when extending Docker. By the end of this book, you will learn how to extend Docker and customize it based on your business requirements with the help of various tools and plugins. Style and approach An easy to follow guide with plenty of hands-on practical examples which can be executed both on your local machine or externally hosted services.

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