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Modular Programming with PHP 7

Modular Programming with PHP 7 Image

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Publisher:Packt Publishing
Category: Packt
Posted:Mar 21 2017
Book format:PDF
Book size:4.62 MB

Book Description:

Utilize the power of modular programming to improve code readability, maintainability, and testability About This Book * This book demonstrates code reusability and distributed development to get high speed, maintainable, and fast applications * It illustrates the development of a complete modular application developed using PHP7 in detail * This book provides a high-level overview of the Symfony framework, a set of tools and a development methodology that are needed to build a modular web shop application Who This Book Is For This step-by-step guide is divided into two sections. The first section explores all the fundamentals of modular design technique with respect to PHP 7. The latter section demonstrates the practical development of individual modules of a web shop application. What You Will Learn * Discover the new features of PHP 7 that are relevant to modular application development * Write manageable code based on the GoF design patterns and SOLID principles * Define the application requirements of a working modular application * Explore the ins and outs of the Symfony framework * Build a set of modules based on the Symfony framework that comprise a simple web shop app * Use core modules to set the structure and dependencies for other modules to use * Set up entities that are relevant to the module functionality and see how to manage these entities In Detail Modular design techniques help you build readable, manageable, reusable, and more efficient codes. PHP 7, which is a popular open source scripting language, is used to build modular functions for your software. With this book, you will gain a deep insight into the modular programming paradigm and how to achieve modularity in your PHP code. We start with a brief introduction to the new features of PHP 7, some of which open a door to new concepts used in modular development. With design patterns being at the heart of all modular PHP code, you will learn about the GoF design patterns and how to apply them. You will see how to write code that is easy to maintain and extend over time with the help of the SOLID design principles. Throughout the rest of the book, you will build different working modules of a modern web shop application using the Symfony framework, which will give you a deep understanding of modular application development using PHP 7. Style and approach This book is for intermediate-level PHP developers with little to no knowledge of modular programming who want to understand design patterns and principles in order to better utilize the existing frameworks for modular application development.

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