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Intelligence-Based Security in Private Industry

Intelligence-Based Security in Private Industry Image

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Publisher:CRC Press
Category: CRC Press
Posted:Jun 12 2017
Book format:PDF
Book size:4.61 MB

Book Description:

In Intelligence-Based Security in Private Industry, Thomas A. Trier identifies the inherent need and desire for intelligence-based security that exists throughout the private security industry. He provides a general overview of intelligence-based security and specific implementation guidelines to reduce private businesses risk and vulnerability to criminal activities. This book is practical and informational, demonstrating real applications of the concepts, theories, and methods of gathering and acting upon information that may suggest a threat to a company. It explains the difference between risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, and threat assessments, defines external and internal threats, and outlines how strategies to address either form of threat differ. It also establishes an outline of four key parts to an effective intelligence program: assessment, evaluation, analysis, and mitigation. Trier illustrates concepts and strategies with specific examples of his past experiences using and developing intelligence-based plans to improve security systems. He provides these case studies as guides to developing similar programs in your company because, as he points out, "any capable adversary with the intent to attack also is running its own intelligence program." Using in-house intelligence-based security can make you better prepared against physical and virtual threats, ranging from theft of goods to identity theft. It allows you to have more critical information at hand prior to a possible incident and to make more informed decisions in anticipation of or response to threats. Intelligence-Based Security in Private Industry shows you how to acquire this information and how to use it for your protection.

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