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Learning to Love Data Science

Learning to Love Data Science Image

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Categories: OReilly , Learning
Posted:Jun 12 2017
Book format:PDF
Book size:2.18 MB

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From IT to advanced analytics, and from data for social good to data for predictive maintenance, this anthology of reports gives a broad overview of the data space-including the applications that have cropped up in enterprise companies, non-profits, and everywhere in between.Author Mike Barlow discusses the culture that creates a data-driven organization and dives deep into some of the business, social, and technological advances brought about by our ability to handle and process massive amounts of data at scale.With this anthology, business decision makers and developers will:Understand how to promote and use data science in an organizationLearn how the rise of data has changed the roles of CIOs and IT departmentsGet an overview of data visualization and real-time analyticsDive into the world of the Internet of ThingsUnderstand how data can help determine when to maintain systems before they breakExplore the tension around both securing data and encouraging rapid innovationMike Barlow is an award-winning journalist, author, and communications strategy consultant.

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