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Software Essentials

Design and Construction

Software Essentials Image

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Publisher:Chapman and Hall/CRC
Categories: CRC Press , Essentials
Posted:Jun 07 2017
Book format:PDF
Book size:28.13 MB

Book Description:

Winner of a 2015 Alpha Sigma Nu Book Award, Software Essentials: Design and Construction explicitly defines and illustrates the basic elements of software design and construction, providing a solid understanding of control flow, abstract data types (ADTs), memory, type relationships, and dynamic behavior. This text evaluates the benefits and overhead of object-oriented design (OOD) and analyzes software design options. With a structured but hands-on approach, the book: Delineates malleable and stable characteristics of software design Explains how to evaluate the short- and long-term costs and benefits of design decisions Compares and contrasts design solutions, such as composition versus inheritance Includes supportive appendices and a glossary of over 200 common terms Covers key topics such as polymorphism, overloading, and more While extensive examples are given in C# and/or C++, often demonstrating alternative solutions, designnot syntaxremains the focal point of Software Essentials: Design and Construction. About the Cover: Although capacity may be a problem for a doghouse, other requirements are usually minimal. Unlike skyscrapers, doghouses are simple units. They do not require plumbing, electricity, fire alarms, elevators, or ventilation systems, and they do not need to be built to code or pass inspections. The range of complexity in software design is similar. Given available software tools and librariesmany of which are freehobbyists can build small or short-lived computer apps. Yet, design for software longevity, security, and efficiency can be intricateas is the design of large-scale systems. How can a software developer prepare to manage such complexity? By understanding the essential building blocks of software design and construction.

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