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Single Channel Phase-Aware Signal Processing in Speech Communication

Theory and Practice

Single Channel Phase-Aware Signal Processing in Speech Communication Image

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Categories: Wiley , Practice
Posted:Jun 01 2017
Book format:PDF
Book size:9.2 MB

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An overview on the challenging new topic of phaseaware signal processing Speech communication technology is a key factor in humanmachine interaction, digital hearing aids, mobile telephony, and automatic speech/speaker recognition. With the proliferation of these applications, there is a growing requirement for advanced methodologies that can push the limits of the conventional solutions relying on processing the signal magnitude spectrum. SingleChannel PhaseAware Signal Processing in Speech Communication provides a comprehensive guide to phase signal processing and reviews the history of phase importance in the literature, basic problems in phase processing, fundamentals of phase estimation together with several applications to demonstrate the usefulness of phase processing. Key features: Analysis of recent advances demonstrating the positive impact of phasebased processing in pushing the limits of conventional methods. Offers unique coverage of the historical context, fundamentals of phase processing and provides several examples in speech communication. Provides a detailed review of many references and discusses the existing signal processing techniques required to deal with phase information in different applications involved with speech. The book supplies various examples and MATLAB implementations delivered within the PhaseLab toolbox. SingleChannel PhaseAware Signal Processing in Speech Communication is a valuable singlesource for students, nonexpert DSP engineers, academics and graduate students.

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