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Engineering Decision Making and Risk Management

Engineering Decision Making and Risk Management Image

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Category: Wiley
Posted:Apr 05 2017
Book format:PDF
Book size:2.7 MB

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IIE/Joint Publishers Book of the Year Award 2016! Awarded for an outstanding published book that focuses on a facet of industrial engineering, improves education, or furthers the profession . Engineering Decision Making and Risk Management emphasizes practical issues and examples of decision making with applications in engineering design and managementFeaturing a blend of theoretical and analytical aspects, this book presents multiple perspectives on decision making to better understand and improve risk management processes and decisionmaking systems.Engineering Decision Making and Risk Management uniquely presents and discusses three perspectives on decision making: problem solving, the decisionmaking process, and decisionmaking systems. The author highlights formal techniques for group decision making and game theory and includes numerical examples to compare and contrast different quantitative techniques. The importance of initially selecting the most appropriate decisionmaking process is emphasized through practical examples and applications that illustrate a variety of useful processes. Presenting an approach for modeling and improving decisionmaking systems, Engineering Decision Making and Risk Management also features: Theoretically sound and practical tools for decision making under uncertainty, multicriteria decision making, group decision making, the value of information, and risk management Practical examples from both historical and current events that illustrate both good and bad decision making and risk management processes Endofchapter exercises for readers to apply specific learning objectives and practice relevant skills A supplementary website with instructional support material, including worked solutions to the exercises, lesson plans, inclass activities, slides, and spreadsheets An excellent textbook for upperundergraduate and graduate students, Engineering Decision Making and Risk Management is appropriate for courses on decision analysis, decision making, and risk management within the fields of engineering design, operations research, business and management science, and industrial and systems engineering. The book is also an ideal reference for academics and practitioners in business and management science, operations research, engineering design, systems engineering, applied mathematics, and statistics.

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