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Statistical Data Analysis

A Practical Guide

Statistical Data Analysis Image

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Publisher:Woodhead Publishing Ltd
Categories: MIX , Practical
Posted:May 17 2017
Book format:PDF
Book size:47.48 MB

Book Description:

Over the past decade, computer supported data analysis by statistical methods has been one of the fastest growth areas in chemometrics, biometrics and other related branches of natural, technical and social sciences. This has been strongly supported by the development of exploratory data analysis, testing assumptions about data, model and statistical methods and computer intensive techniques. This book presents a combination of individual topics with solved problems and a collection of experimental tasks. Methods suitable for extreme or small and large datasets are described. * Presents a combination of individual topics in one complete volume featuring statistical analysis of univariate and multivariate data* Interspersed throughout with solved problems and experimental tasks suitable for extreme or small and large datasets* Features the interpretation of results based on the comprehensive information about data behaviour and validity of used assumptions

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