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The Software IP Detective's Handbook

Measurement, Comparison and Infringement Detection

The Software IP Detective's Handbook Image

Book details:

Publisher:Pearson Prentice Hall
Categories: Prentice Hall , Handbook
Posted:Apr 10 2017
Book format:PDF
Book size:3.67 MB

Book Description:

Intellectual property, software plagiarism, patents, and copyrights are complicated subjects. This book explains the key elements better than anything else I have seen. I highly recommend it to anyone who develops software or needs to protect proprietary software algorithms, and to all attorneys involved with IP litigation.Capers Jones, President, Capers Jones Associates LLCIntellectual property is an engine of growth for our high tech world and a valuable commodity traded in its own right. Bob Zeidman is a leading authority on software intellectual property, and in this book he shares his expertise with us. The book is comprehensive. It contains clear explanations of many difficult subjects. Business people who study it will learn how to protect their IP. Lawyers will use it to understand the specifics of how software embodies IP. Judges will cite it in their decisions on IP litigation.Abraham Sofaer, George P. Shultz Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy and National Security Affairs, Hoover Institution, Stanford UniversityThe Definitive Software IP Guide for Developers, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Attorneys, and ConsultantsIn The Software IP Detectives Handbook, pioneering expert Bob Zeidmancreator of CodeSuite, the worlds #1 software IP analysis toolthoroughly covers all technical and legal aspects of IP theft detection. Using his rigorous framework and practical examples, you can accurately determine whether software copying, theft, or infringement has occurred, and fully support your findings in any venue. This book will help youUnderstand the key concepts that underlie software IP analysisCompare and correlate source code for signs of theft or infringementUncover signs of copying in object code when source code is inaccessibleTrack malware and third-party code in applicationsUse software clean rooms to avoid IP infringementUnderstand IP issues associated with open source and DMCAVisit to download a free trial version of CodeSuite, the #1 tool for detecting software copying.

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