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Embedded Linux Systems with the Yocto Project

Embedded Linux Systems with the Yocto Project Image

Book details:

Publisher:Prentice Hall
Categories: Prentice Hall , Embedded
Posted:Apr 30 2017
Book format:PDF
Book size:22.51 MB

Book Description:

Build Complete Embedded Linux Systems Quickly and Reliably Developers are increasingly integrating Linux into their embedded systems: It supports virtually all hardware architectures and many peripherals, scales well, offers full source code, and requires no royalties. The Yocto Project makes it much easier to customize Linux for embedded systems. If you';re a developer with working knowledge of Linux, Embedded Linux Systems with the Yocto Project will help you make the most of it. An indispensable companion to the official documentation, this guide starts by offering a solid grounding in the embedded Linux landscape and the challenges of creating custom distributions for embedded systems. You';ll master the Yocto Project';s toolbox hands-on, by working through the entire development lifecycle with a variety of real-life examples that you can incorporate into your own projects. Author Rudolf Streif offers deep insight into Yocto Project';s build system and engine, and addresses advanced topics ranging from board support to compliance management. You';ll learn how to Overcome key challenges of creating custom embedded distributionsJumpstart and iterate OS stack builds with the OpenEmbedded Build SystemMaster build workflow, architecture, and the BitBake Build EngineQuickly troubleshoot build problemsCustomize new distros with built-in blueprints or from scratchUse BitBake recipes to create new software packagesBuild kernels, set configurations, and apply patchesSupport diverse CPU architectures and systemsCreate Board Support Packages (BSP) for hardware-specific adaptationsProvide Application Development Toolkits (ADT) for round-trip developmentRemotely run and debug applications on actual hardware targetsEnsure open-source license complianceScale team-based projects with Toaster, Build History, Source Mirrors, and Autobuilder

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